HIRC intern leads discussion on the struggle of African asylum seekers in Israel

On Wednesday, September 26th, HIRC and the Harvard African Law Association sponsored a discussion with Mutasim Ali about the plight of African asylum seekers in Israel. Mutasim is a law graduate of the College of Law and Business in Israel and he spent a month interning at HIRC this summer.

Speaking to a packed room, Mutasim offered a brief history of the genocide in Darfur and explained how this led many Sudanese people to flee the country in search of protection.

Mutasim also shared his personal experience as the first and only person from Sudan to be recognized as a refugee in Israel. While African refugees still face many struggles in Israel, Mutasim said that [refugees] “have to organize and support each other.”

It has been a joy having Mutasim at HIRC and we wish him well in all his work.