HIRC condemns proposed regulations on asylum

The Harvard Immigration and Refugee Clinical Program (HIRC) strongly opposes the Trump administration’s proposed regulations on asylum, which were announced on June 10, 2020. These sweeping regulatory changes would undermine critical legal protections for immigrants fleeing persecution and torture. 

In its proposal, the administration admits that “the proposed changes are likely to result in few asylum grants,” and indeed, the administration’s intent is clear: to deny protection to those seeking safety in the United States in direct violation of U.S. and international law.

This proposed rule is the latest illegal effort by the Trump administration to rewrite U.S. asylum law. Policies such as “Remain in Mexico” and continued expulsions without due process have already gutted our asylum system. These proposed regulations would present yet another unjust hurdle to asylum seekers and their families. 

We urge the administration to retract this dangerous proposal and maintain our country’s commitment to providing a safe haven to refugees. At a time when our nation is battling both a global pandemic and systemic racism, we must not abandon those who are seeking safety and a better life in the United States.