Recent scholarship from our staff

Professor Deborah Anker:

The History and Future of Gender Asylum Law and Recognition of Domestic Violence as a Basis for Protection in the United States
Human Rights Magazine, April 2020
This article, featured in the April issue of the American Bar Association’s Human Rights Magazine, discusses the past and current state of gender asylum law.

Law of Asylum in the United States 
Thomas Reuters, 2020 edition
The latest edition of Professor Deborah Anker’s treatise on asylum law is now available for purchase.

Program Director Sabrineh Ardalan:

Asymmetries in Immigration Protection
Brooklyn Law Review, April 2020
This article investigates the lack of protections for immigrants with prior removal orders in her article in the Brooklyn Law Review.

EU and US Border Policy: Externalisation of Migration Control and Violation of the Right to Asylum
Securitising Asylum Flows, 2020
This book chapter draws parallels between US-Mexico and EU-Morocco border policy.

Crimmigration Clinic Director Phil Torrey:

Unpacking the Rise in Crimmigration Cases at the Supreme Court
NYU Review of Law & Social Change, April 2020
This piece examines the many factors accounting for a noticeable uptick in crimmigration-related cases in the U.S. Supreme Court.

What Matter of Soram Got Wrong: “Child Abuse” Crimes that May Trigger Deportation Are Constantly Evolving and Even Target Good Parents
Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review, October 2019
Phil Torrey and Kari Hong detail how the “crime of child abuse” deportability ground ends up hurting good parents in this article.