Defending human rights in the US

Over the past week, our hearts have been heavy as we see numerous attacks on fundamental human rights in this country. On June 24, the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, thereby taking away the constitutional right to abortion. This decision will have devastating consequences for people across the country, including many immigrants. All people deserve access to safe abortion and reproductive health services and we must fight to protect these basic human rights.

We are also deeply saddened to hear of the recent loss of lives in San Antonio, when at least 40 migrants died in the back of a tractor trailer that was left abandoned after crossing over from the US/Mexico border. Our hearts break for those brave migrants and all their loved ones who are left to mourn their passing. This devastating tragedy shines a harsh light on the many unjust immigration policies that prevent migrants from safely seeking asylum and protection in the US. Policies that restrict the access to asylum, such as Title 42 and Remain in Mexico, have deadly consequences and must end immediately in order to avoid another tragedy.

During these challenging times, we call on our alumni and allies to be vocal advocates for human rights. We must all take action to defend the rights of women, LGBTQ folks, BIPOC and immigrant communities, and all others facing discrimination and oppression.