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“Protecting Central American Families”: HIRC Featured in Harvard Review of Latin America

All Maribel had wanted was to work in a beauty salon in her home country of Honduras, maybe one day doing well enough to open a salon of her own. Hair and nails, or maybe just nails since manicures are her specialty. Maribel (not her real name; all names in this article have been changed to protect confidentiality) dreamt of using the money to put her five-year-old daughter in a good school, and finally move into a two-bedroom apartment of their own, far from the cramped room they shared in the two-room shack in the slums of Tegucigalpa.

2016 Press Roundup

Check out HIRC’s press coverage from 2016: “Sanctuary cities stand strong against Trump” (Politico, 12/12/16) “Santa Fe mayor defends sanctuary cities, says studies don’t show increase in crime” (Politifact, 11/28/16) “Support for the undocumented” (Harvard Gazette, 11/28/16) “Harvard Law professors and scholars: state governors have no legal authority to block refugees” (Huffington Post, 11/18/16) “Sanctuary…
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HIRC Press Roundup 2013-2015

Check out press coverage for HIRC from 2013-2015: “The myth of the ‘anchor baby’ defense” (The Washington Post, 8/20/15) “Classroom to courtroom: Law school immigration counseling program helps the powerless while educating students” (Harvard Law Today, 10/14/14) “Harvard Uni, Charles Darwin collaboration aims to help asylum seekers get legal representation” (Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 9/19/14) “On…
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HIRC Clients Granted Asylum

HIRC students recently landed two exciting victories for asylum clients seeking refuge in the United States following traumatic experiences in their home countries. Escaping LGBT Persecution in West Africa Over the course of a year, Sophie Glickstein ’15 and Sussan Lee ’15 worked extensively on the asylum case of a gay West African man, ostracized…
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HIRC co-writes Amicus Brief on Gang-Based Asylum Case

The case of Jose Fuentes-Colocho highlights the complexities of cases involving youth fleeing gang violence. Fuentes-Colocho sought refuge from El Salvador as a teenager after being repeatedly persecuted by Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13). MS-13 is no longer just a street gang; it is now the organized insurgency which destabilizes El Salvador’s political scene. It controls municipalities…
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Harvard Report finds Canada, U.S. Failing in Refugee Protection Obligations

The Harvard Immigration and Refugee Clinic (HIRC) released today a comprehensive report titled Bordering on Failure: Canada-U.S. Border Policy and the Politics of Refugee Exclusion.  The result of extensive research and fact-finding investigations led by HIRC affiliates Dr. Efrat Arbel (SJD ’12) and Alletta Brenner (JD ’14), the report finds that Canada is systematically closing…
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From Israel to the United States: Kayla Zecher’s Summer Experience at HIRC

By Kayla Zecher As I finished up my final week at the Harvard Immigration and Refugee Clinic, a few things came to mind. And more things come to mind as I anticipate my return home to Israel, where I will continue to study law and work with the refugee community. It has been wonderful reacquainting…
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Student Reflection by Summer Moore-Estes ’13

One of the reasons I chose to attend Harvard Law School was because of the opportunities to practice law as a student in their clinical programs, especially the Harvard Immigration and Refugee Clinic. I knew I wanted to be involved in HIRC before I even set foot on campus.  The idea of working with asylum…
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Asylum in Europe

Some nice infographics on the latest asylum figures in Europe via Thomson Reuters here. Interestingly, Germany received the largest number of applications – 75,000+! Additionally, Asylum Aid and ECRE published their latest report on asylum in Europe, filled with tons of important information and certainly worth reading if you are looking at asylum comparatively.

The Albert M. Sacks Clinical Teaching and Advocacy Fellowship 2014-2015

Applications are now being accepted for the Albert M. Sacks Fellowship at Harvard Law School. The fellowship will provide an opportunity for an attorney to work at the Harvard Immigration and Refugee Clinical Program on direct representation, appellate litigation and policy advocacy work, starting in the summer of 2014. The Fellow will supervise clinical students…
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