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2016 Press Roundup

Check out HIRC’s press coverage from 2016: “Sanctuary cities stand strong against Trump” (Politico, 12/12/16) “Santa Fe mayor defends sanctuary cities, says studies don’t show increase in crime” (Politifact, 11/28/16) “Support for the undocumented” (Harvard Gazette, 11/28/16) “Harvard Law professors and scholars: state governors have no legal authority to block refugees” (Huffington Post, 11/18/16) “Sanctuary…
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Phil Torrey on Crimmigration

Clinical instructor with HIRC and lecturer on law at Harvard Law School, Phil Torrey, gives a brief introduction to Crimmigration in a recent video at the Clinic. 

HIRC Press Roundup 2013-2015

Check out press coverage for HIRC from 2013-2015: “The myth of the ‘anchor baby’ defense” (The Washington Post, 8/20/15) “Classroom to courtroom: Law school immigration counseling program helps the powerless while educating students” (Harvard Law Today, 10/14/14) “Harvard Uni, Charles Darwin collaboration aims to help asylum seekers get legal representation” (Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 9/19/14) “On…
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A New Class at the Intersection of Criminal and Immigration Law

See below to read a great article with our own clinical instructor and lecturer on law, Phil Torrey (quoted below): “These cases are challenging because the law around who is eligible for immigration relief when there is criminal activity in the past is really difficult to navigate, and the avenues for relief are really limited…
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Fighting for the Rights of Immigrant Detainees

Following its second victory, the Harvard Immigration Project’s (HIP) Bond Hearing Project continues its new campaign to provide free legal representation to detained immigrants seeking release from immigration custody. The project’s purpose is to both educate students and serve the immigrant community. At both hearings, teams of HLS students, led by Bond Hearing Project co-directors…
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Come meet Ira Kurzban at HLS this Thursday, Feb. 14!

Join HIRC & HIP to meet Ira Kurzban in person at HLS, where he’s speaking at Prof. Anker’s Immigration Law: Policy and Social Change course this Thursday! HIP is hosting a meet & greet with drinks from 7-8pm, WCC 3019.   J.D. and M.A., University of California, Berkeley.  Mr. Kurzban is a partner in the law firm…
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