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How Chicago Could Beat Trump in Court

Phil Torrey speaks with Vice News about Chicago’s federal lawsuit against the Trump administration.

Alternative facts in the war on immigrants

Phil Torrey calls into question the White House’s “facts” on immigration.

Trump order punishing ‘sanctuary cities’ faces hurdles in Baltimore

“Philip L. Torrey, the supervising attorney at the Harvard Immigration Project, looked at the city’s policies at the request of The Baltimore Sun. ‘I don’t see anything in the Baltimore policy that would violate statute and give the president grounds to pull funding,’ he said.”

2016 Press Roundup

Check out HIRC’s press coverage from 2016: “Sanctuary cities stand strong against Trump” (Politico, 12/12/16) “Santa Fe mayor defends sanctuary cities, says studies don’t show increase in crime” (Politifact, 11/28/16) “Support for the undocumented” (Harvard Gazette, 11/28/16) “Harvard Law professors and scholars: state governors have no legal authority to block refugees” (Huffington Post, 11/18/16) “Sanctuary…
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