What We Do

Advocating for immigrant justice through clinical education, legal representation, litigation, and community outreach.


HIRCP provides high-quality, pro-bono representation to the Harvard community and Greater Boston.


Clinical students learn immigration law through hands-on experience at HIRCP.


HIRCP engages in high-profile advocacy and litigation.

Latest News

Denial of Justice report cover page

Denial of Justice: The Biden Administration’s Dedicated Docket in the Boston Immigration Court

In 2021, the Biden administration established fast-tracked removal proceedings, known as the Dedicated Docket, targeting asylum-seeking families who recently arrived in the United States. This report analyzes the impact of[…]

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HIRCP Urges Reversal of Biden Administration Asylum Ban

The Biden administration’s new rule, which took effect yesterday and has already been challenged in court, will unjustly prevent refugees from accessing protection at the southern border in violation of[…]

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BREAKING: Advocates File Civil Rights Complaint on Behalf of Detained Immigrants Against Plymouth County Correctional Facility

  Advocates from the Boston Immigration Justice Accompaniment Network (BIJAN), Prisoners’ Legal Services of Massachusetts (PLSMA), Massachusetts Law Reform Institute, MIRA Coalition, New Haven Legal Assistance Association, Harvard Immigration and[…]

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