Client Stories

HIRC has represented a diverse array of clients from countries all across the world. Each client has a unique and powerful story.

A person wearing a hijab stands next to a baby carriage in front of a wall with quotes. Here are just a few of the many HIRC client stories:

  • Jane fled to the U.S. with her daughter to save them from her abusive spouse. Attorneys and clinical students helped Jane build her case and she was granted asylum.
  • Bruno came to the U.S. from Peru when he was just six years old. Bruno became a client of the Harvard Representation Initiative and HRI helped him renew his DACA.
  • “Ana” sought asylum in the U.S. after facing abuse from local gangs and persecution for her indigenous identity in Guatemala. HIRC won her case by proving that the gangs targeted her because of her belief in the equality of men and women.
  • A gay man from Western Africa suffered abuse in his home country because of his sexual orientation. Clinic students supported their client through the difficult process of reliving these traumatic experiences and ultimately helped him win his asylum case.
  • An elderly couple faced religious persecution in their home country before coming to the United States. HIRC helped win their asylum case in 2014.