Client Stories

We have represented a diverse array of clients from countries all across the world. Each client has a unique and powerful story.

A person wearing a hijab stands next to a baby carriage in front of a wall with quotes. Here are just a few of our clients’ stories:

  • Jane fled to the U.S. with her daughter to save them from her abusive spouse. Attorneys and clinical students helped Jane build her case and she was granted asylum.
  • Bruno came to the U.S. from Peru when he was just six years old. Bruno became a client of the Harvard Representation Initiative and HRI helped him renew his DACA.
  • “David”, a legal permanent resident, was put into deportation proceedings after he was denied immigration relief due to a past conviction. Thanks to representation by the Crimmigration Clinic, David won his BIA appeal and was released from detention.
  • A young Haitian political activist, who was targeted by political opponents for her attempts to expose electoral corruption and advocate for women’s rights, was granted asylum after working with students and supervisors at GBLS.
  • “Isabel” and her children came to the U.S. seeking protection from corrupt government officials in her home country of Guatemala. After much hard work by HIRC attorneys and students, she and her family were granted withholding of removal.