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Phil Torrey on Crimmigration

Clinical instructor with HIRC and lecturer on law at Harvard Law School, Phil Torrey, gives a brief introduction to Crimmigration in a recent video at the Clinic. 

Phil Torrey Presents to the Immigration and Nationality Law Review

This past April, Phil Torrey, HIRC Clinical Instructor and Lecturer on Law,  traveled to Ohio to speak to the Immigration and Nationality Law Review at Cincinnati Law. In his presentation, Phil discussed how the Immigration and Nationality Act’s definition of conviction seemingly violates the core principles of federalism upon which our nation is built. You…
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Crimmigration Clinic 2016

Students enrolled in the Crimmigration Clinic at Harvard Law School engaged in cutting-edge research and immersed themselves in legal proceedings at the intersection of criminal and immigration law. The four students enrolled in this Clinic were constantly occupied in this evolving field, partaking in mock arguments of appellate court cases and going to immigration court to…
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Crimmigration Clinic Bridging the Gap between Criminal Law and Immigration Law

Philip Torrey, Lecturer on Law and Clinical Instructor with the Harvard Immigration and Refugee Clinical Program (HIRC), has carved out a space in the Harvard Immigration and Refugee Clinic for a unique and evolving area of law called crimmigration. “Crimmigration is a dynamic and growing field of law that concerns the intersection of criminal law…
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A New Class at the Intersection of Criminal and Immigration Law

See below to read a great article with our own clinical instructor and lecturer on law, Phil Torrey (quoted below): “These cases are challenging because the law around who is eligible for immigration relief when there is criminal activity in the past is really difficult to navigate, and the avenues for relief are really limited…
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Fighting for the Rights of Immigrant Detainees

Following its second victory, the Harvard Immigration Project’s (HIP) Bond Hearing Project continues its new campaign to provide free legal representation to detained immigrants seeking release from immigration custody. The project’s purpose is to both educate students and serve the immigrant community. At both hearings, teams of HLS students, led by Bond Hearing Project co-directors…
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